Version History

V 2.1.2 March 27, 2024

1. Fix "Load Failed" while adding videos from description pages.

2. Fix possible download failure when selecting H265 encoding.

3. Fix some other bugs.

V 2.1.1 January 29, 2024

1. Fix the "browser update required" issue caused by the Chrome upgrade.

2. Optimize the display of video thumbnails for output videos.

V 2.1.0 January 5, 2024

1. Optimize download speed without graphics card hardware acceleration.

2. Fix the potential blurriness when exporting videos.

V 2.0.1 December 15, 2023

1. Enable keyword and link search in the URL address box.

2. Add 540P option to Advanced Download settings.

3. Fix possible lagging during playback of the downloaded video.

4. Fix bugs and other optimizations.

V 2.0.0 November 14, 2023

1. Adopt a new UI.

V 1.5.0 May 17, 2023

1. Optimize the download stability.

V 1.3.3 February 03, 2023

1. Optimize the user experience.

V 1.3.2 December 30, 2022

1. Increase the download speed and success rate of videos when downloading hardcode subtitles.

2. Optimize the display of download progress.

3. Fix Failed 6200 and Failed 6001 issues in some cases.

4. Fix the problem that certain videos can't be downloaded.

V 1.3.1 November 22, 2022

1. Add the notification of successes and failures after downloading.

2. Fix the problem that Hardcode subtitles mode doesn't work.

3. Fix some other bugs.

V 1.3.0 November 08, 2022

1. Improved download speed and download success rate.

2. Support macOS 13 Ventura.

V 1.1.9 September 06, 2022

1. Solve the problem of abnormal interface status when restarting the program after being stuck.

2. Support downloading audio tracks and subtitles separately.

3. Optimize the program startup time.

4. Add support for Polish.

V 1.1.8 July 19, 2022

1. Changed the default audio language check order in Advanced Download settings.

2. The Audio Language and Subtitle Language are displayed in the corresponding national language in the General settings.

3. The program default No Proxy can also be used normally when the automatic proxy (PAC) is supported.

4. Fix the issue of failing to download Forced Narrative subtitles.

5. Support playing Disney+ videos on QuickTime after downloading them in MP4 format with H.265 codec.

6. Some other minor updates.

V 1.1.7 June 16, 2022

1. Optimize the solution to Failed 6200, 1609, and 1606.

2. Support saving external subtitles in SRT format.

3. Solve the problem that the program cannot exit when it is stuck.

4. Fix some other bugs.

V 1.1.6 May 13, 2022

1. Provide Proxy settings.

2. Optimize the program interface.

3. Optimize the installation process of the Hotfix.

4. PIN code will be automatically entered next time after the first entry.

V 1.1.5 April 13, 2022

1. Support preserving more metadata information of output videos.

2. Optimize the program display.

3. Fix some other bugs.

V 1.1.4 March 04, 2022

1. Optimize the solution to Failed 6200.

2. Fix the problem that it can only download the first episodes of TV shows.

V 1.1.3 March 01, 2022

1. Optimize the solution to Failed 1606 and 6200.

2. Add guidance to solve the search error "No results found".

3. Fix the abnormal error "The output folder name contains special characters".

4. Optimize the program display.

5. Fix some other bugs.

V 1.1.2 January 25, 2022

1. Fix Failed 5 issue.

2. Optimize the solution to Failed 1500 (-12) issue.

3. Optimize the display of some pop-ups.

4. Fix some other bugs.

V 1.1.1 January 10, 2022

1. Fix Failed 6 issue when downloading episodes in batches.

2. Solve the problem of unsynchronized audio and video after pausing and resuming the download process.

3. Optimize the search function of finding videos by URLs.

4. Update the error code description.

5. Fix some other bugs.

V 1.1.0 December 10, 2021

1. Fix the problem of inconsistent video resolution when downloading TV shows.

2. Supports adding all seasons of a TV show with one click.

3. Support downloading videos from Disney+ JP.

4. Optimize the interface display.

V 1.0.5 November 15, 2021

1. Change the Frame Rate Mode to Constant Frame Rate.

2. Optimize the interface display of the user guide.

3. Fix the certificate error problem of hotfix.

4. Fix some other bugs.

V 1.0.4 October 28, 2021

1. Optimize the display of the output video cover.

2. Optimize the solution to Failed 25.

3. Optimize the "Pause" and the "Resume" feature.

4. Optimize the program interface.

5. Solve the problem that the download process is stuck at 0.8% when downloading videos without subtitles.

6. Adjust the default language of the audio track and the subtitle at the first use according to the computer language settings.

V 1.0.3 September 26, 2021

1. Fix the issue regarding "no results found" in some cases.

2. Optimize the operation of pausing and resuming downloads.

3. Optimize the default settings of audio tracks and subtitles in the advanced download option.

4. Add support for H.265 codec.

5. Fix some minor bugs.

V 1.0.2 August 24, 2021

1. Fix Failed -7 and Failed -12 issue.

2. Fix the issue of failing to load all episodes of TV shows.

3. Fix the issue regarding "no results found" or download failure in some cases.

4. Optimize the program freeze problem.

5. Optimize the default settings of Audio and Subtitle Language.

6. Support clicking the thumbnail of the videos in the Library tab to open the Windows default player and play videos.

7. Fix some other minor bugs.

V 1.0.1 July 06, 2021

1. New release.

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