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Write a Review and Get a TunePat License for Free

TunePat is a professional software provider and aims to support users to freely enjoy music and videos on any device. Currently, we have published some excellent and powerful audio converters and video downloaders for great convenience and entertainment in life. To help more people learn about TunePat programs, we invite you to share your experience with others. And you have a chance to win TunePat for free by sharing your reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or likewise. Read the following requirements, write immediately, and get the FREE License now!

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How to Win a Free TunePat License?

1. Write A Review

Write a review with more than 300 words. Your content must have at least one link to the product home page or download page. Please write reviews like real users and share with others how you feel about the program, customer service, and more. Please be honest and write a review by yourself, any content copied from our sites or others is unacceptable.

Below are our acceptable sites for writing a review:

  • Your own website/blog;
  • (search TunePat);
  • (search TunePat);
  • (Karma over 500);
  • / / (fans or followers > 5000)

1. These sites are not acceptable:,,,
2. Be sure your own website/blog can be indexed by Google.

2. Make A Video Review

It is welcome to make a video to win free licenses! If you want to make a video, it requires a video to be longer than 90 seconds. There must be one link to our product home page or download page listed in the description.

In addition, the video should be uploaded to YouTube.

>> Attention! <<

  • Never delete the review/video once you got the FREE License!
  • We will not provide you a license in case we find your post to be a blatant forum-spam, or if your blog is just a spam blog or is not active.
  • The license is for personal use only, will be blocked once we find it being overused.
  • If your video has more than 1000 views on YouTube or your review has more than 500 words and gets more than 10 likes/shares on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, you'll get the chance to win a free license for one year.
  • In general, the FREE License would be valid for one month, if you want to keep using our program, you can write more reviews or purchase a license.

Steps to Get Free License:

Step 1: Download the trial version of TunePat program through Download Center.

Step 2: After testing the program, share the review on any website that meets the above requirements or upload the video to your YouTube Channel.

Step 3: Send us an email with the subject "Get a Free License from TunePat" with the link to your review or video included. We will send you a one-month (or one-year) Free license to the program you write a review or make a video within 5 business days after verification.

Another Way to Win Free License

You can also get a one-month free license by translating TunePat programs to your native languange. For more details, please visit Translate TunePat to Your Native Language and Get a Reward.

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