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How to Stream "Dune" on HBO Max?

The sci-fi epic adventure film known as Dune has returned to streaming on HBO Max on March 10, 2022. This film is the Oscars 2022 Production Design Oscar winner. Based on Frank Herbet's acclaimed 1965 novel, set in the far future, the film follows Paul Atreides as his family, the noble House Atreides, is thrust into a war for the deadly and inhospitable desert planet Arrakis.

Dune initially premiered on HBO Max the same day as its theatrical release, but it was available to stream only for 30 days on the platform. It’s great that the film is back to HBO Max and has the opportunity to hopefully attract a greater audience. You can stream the film with your HBO Max subscription. If you don’t subscribe to HBO Max, the film has been available to rent or buy on PVOD services such as Apple TV, Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play, and YouTube. But here we are just talking about how to get Dune on HBO Max.

get dune on hbo max

HBO Max is the premium network's subscription streaming service provided by WarnerMedia, which features 13,000 hours of premium content bundling all of HBO together with even more movies, shows, and Max Originals. When you sign up for an HBO Max ad-free plan with $14.99 per month, you can watch Dune for free via the HBO Max app on your mobile phone or stream it online from the web browser on your computer. If you want to watch this two-and-a-half-hour-long epic offline, just use the downloaded feature to save the video on your mobile devices. Keep in mind, the downloaded video is time-limited. It will expire after 30 days or within 48 hours when you first start watching.

Tool Requirement: TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader

If you attempt to keep your downloaded HBO Max content for a long time and play the videos freely at leisure, you may need the help of the third-party’s tool. TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader is designed for downloading movies and shows for all HBO Max users. TunePat helps you download movies and shows from HBO Max with good video quality, multi-language audio, and subtitles. Critically, all downloaded files can be retained on any device as TunePat has the ability to download HBO Max videos in MP4 or MKV format, making the files more compatible. Additionally, unlike the HBO Max app that has a restriction on the number of titles you can download at a time, TunePat allows you to download unlimited movies and shows without any limits.

Key Features of TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader

HBOMax Video Downloader box

TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader

  • okDownload movies and TV shows from HBOMax.
  • okSave HBOMax videos in MP4/ MKV format.
  • okKeep multi-language audio tracks and subtitles.
  • okDownload videos in batch without the HBO Max app.

Tutorial: How to Download Dune from HBO Max by using TunePat

Step 1 Sign in to HBO Max

Open TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader and sign in to your HBO Max account by clicking the "Sign In" button.

sign in to HBO Max

Step 2 Select the General Settings

Click the "Settings" icon of the top right corner, choose the general settings from the pop-up window, including the video format, video quality, audio language, substitle language, the output folder, and more.

choose the output settings for HBO Max videos

Step 3 Search for Dune

Locate the video you wish to download by browsing the library or using the search icon in the upper right corner.

search for HBO Max videos

Step 4 Choose the Advanced Settings

If you download a movie, like Dune, the advanced settings window will automatically appear after clicking the "Download" button. For TV shows, select the specific episodes you want to download before customizing advanced settings. To do this, click the "Advanced Download" button located in the lower left corner, and configure video quality, audio, and subtitle preferences.

advanced download settings for HBOMax videos

Step 5 Start Downloading Dune to the Computer

Initiate the download process by clicking the "Download" button, and TunePat will quickly retrieve the chosen video. To queue up additional downloads, simply repeat the steps outlined above.

download HBO Max videos


HBO Max provides an exclusive library of movies, shows, and originals, you can find many good titles like Dune. This platform not only offers much great content for you to stream online but also allows you to download videos on the devices for offline viewing. If you want to download a number of movies or shows from HBO Max and play them on your computer or other devices, TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader is a tailored tool for all HBO Max users to get HBO Max videos on any device.

Note: The free trial version of the TunePat HBOMax Video Downloader has the same features as the full version, but it only enables you to download the first 5 minutes of each video. To unlock the limitation, you are suggested to purchase the full version.

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